Double Induction Affirmations

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Double Induction affirmations are more than a Law of Attraction tool, they are a Law of Becoming tool, it is a method that understands that in order for the Law of Attraction to work we must get into our subconscious mind.  We must get our conscious mind out of the way, double Induction affirmations solve precisely that.

Track list
  • Abundance 
  • Abundance part 2
  • Acceptance
  • Action
  • Belief
  • Calm and relaxed
  • Calmness and Peace 
  • Healthy Body
  • Love
  • Money
  • My Life is abundant
  • Optimism 
  • Wonderful
  • Beauty prayer
  • Healing Energy
  • My Home
  • Sleep
  • Money – Partial Induction
  • Why am I

8 hour love audio to be played while sleeping (with earphones) 
Meditation - Abundance and Prosperity 
Video - Love and Abundance 

Ebrahim Mongratie

Inspirational Author