An enlightened path to self-discovery (E-book)

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The Enlightened Path to Self-Discovery Book provides you with an opportunity to embark on a breathtaking and unique journey toward finding your true authentic self.

Caution: Reading this book will empower you to Unearth an extraordinary version of yourself.

In this insightful and highly practical workbook, Ebrahim Mongratie, an experienced Mindfulness practitioner and breath-work teacher, condenses his years of experience in significant bite-sized chunks of feel-good on-demand techniques propelling you to self-discovery.

Amongst unearthing an extraordinary version of yourself. You going to discover:
* Your true self
* Less Stress
* More Inner peace 
* Feel good on-demand techniques to master your human experience
* How to accept the things you cannot change 
* How to master your inner world 
* Discover what's blocking your potential and truly get unstuck
* How to turn your life from fine to unstoppable 
* How your life could easily be different; you could be experiencing more joy, more happiness, better relationships, and more prosperity. 
*Breathwork exercises to enhance various aspects of your life. Every breathing technique I share has mighty, incredible power. Each one, when used correctly, will produce a specific result, guaranteed. 

And much more!

Ebrahim Mongratie

Inspirational Author