77 Emotional Well-Being Micro-Practices (E-book)

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Emotional well-being micro-practices to enhance human behavior, motivation, and common rational processes. Learn to become more effective in all aspects of daily life and gain power over your emotions. As you go through these practices you will be able to take anyone through them with great results.
With this book, you will learn how to change negative emotional states to bliss and help yourself and others find inner peace.

By the end of this book, you will be able to guide yourself and others to:
Clear negative patterns from the past and change any unwanted behaviors.
Enhance emotional well-being
To envisage and manifest a better future.
Live mindfully with profound inner peace.
Help ease emotional problems such as depression, anxiety, stress, and even self-loathing.
To deepen the connection with virtually anyone on an intimate, social, and also on a professional level.
Hack emotions with the breath.
Make phenomenal changes in your life and other people's lives.

You will also be able to:
Teach breath-work
Guide others in Meditation

Ebrahim Mongratie

Inspirational Author